Here are some articles that you may be interested in.  I have also included a Reading List (0n another webpage) of titles that deal with living in the Balkans or the situation in the region.

Articles or commentaries by me:

bullet Midterm Assessment of IREX Media Innovations Program.  Georgia.  Sept, 2004.  A paper written by Mark Koenig and me assessing the media development program in Georgia.  Despite our recommendations for media development work beyond the term of the USAID-IREX cooperative agreement,  when the cooperative agreement ended so did the program.
bullet US Media Assistance Programs in Serbia, July 1997-June 2002 was written for USAID by Suzi, Peter Graves and me.  it tells the story of American Media Development in Serbia that helped give the Serbian people the tools they needed to topple Milosevic.
bullet On September 12, 2001 I wrote a letter to my friends about the reaction in Kosovo to the attacks on the United States.  The letter was passed along on the internet, posted on bulletin boards and read on the radio.  I am including it here at the request of several people who wanted to see it again.  If you want to see photos of the days after September 11, click here.
bullet In 1994 I wrote a series of seven commentaries entitled "Letters from Albania" for the KCAW and the Alaska Public Radio Network.  They were based on the weekly articles I write for my family.  They won awards from both the Society of Professional Journalists and the Alaska Press Club for radio commentaries or editorials.  You can click on the any of the underlined words to read copies of the scripts.
bullet On occasion I write for the Serbian broadcast trade paper Link.  This is an article about what happens to media outlets in a country "When Donors Leave." 
bullet Each Program is Different, Each the Same, Why media development programs vary from country to country is another article I wrote for the Link.
bullet I wrote "Freedom on the Radio in Albania, Not a Done Deal Yet" in 1994 for the Autumn 1994 issue of Trans Atlantic Perspective published by the German Marshall Fund.  When I re-read it I am embarrassed at how optimistic I was about converting State Radio to Public Radio, but I had only been in Albania for four months.  This is my original, unedited, version, and what I wrote about the state of news in Albania was accurate even if the conclusions may be optimistic.  At the end of the article is a side bar, "Reinventing History"  that I wrote about Radio Tirana's anniversary.  It didn't make it into the publication.

Articles about me:  This may seem a bit presumptuous but since one of the goals of this website is to sell myself as a consultant, here goes.

bullet St. Olaf Magazine, the alumni magazine of St. Olaf College did a piece about four alumni who were doing interesting things in April 1999.  I was featured in the article.
bullet The Grand Rapids (Minnesota) Herald Review wrote an article in the history of KAXE that mentions our role in starting the station.

Articles about media development in Central and Eastern Europe:

bullet Thomas Carothers of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has written an excellent policy brief entitled "Ousting Foreign Strongmen: Lessons Learned from Serbia.  You can download if as an Adobe PDF file.  You can find this policy brief by clicking here.
bullet The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has also released several working papers on democratization, including one on media assistance in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by Karen Ballentine from the Political Science Department of Columbia University that talks a little about the ProMedia program that I ran in Slovakia.  You can download this article as an Adobe PDF file.  You can find this, and other interesting working papers, including one on media assistance in the Ukraine by clicking here.
bullet IREX has published a paper entitled Political Intimidation of Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has been released by the Committee to Protect Journalists.
bullet Ellen Hume, a media analyst and journalist, has written a paper "The Media Missionaries: American Support for International Journalism."  This is a review of American Media Development worldwide.

The IREX site has several articles on media development that change periodically.  You should check this link regularly to see what has developed.