Six Alaskans, all aid workers in the Balkans, met in front of Sitka's Old Harbor Books, was that a decade ago already?  Each of us had fielded the question "Why have so many Alaskans ended up as aid workers in troubled areas?"  Perhaps its the same sense of adventure that brought us all to Alaska.  But it's also something else.  Alaskans need a challenge.  We're improvisers, working at the end of supply lines.  We can't always get what we want so we've become masters of the "jury rig."  For most of the past 20 years my wife Suzi and II have worked in media development in Europe and the Middle East. fostering independtnt media outlets, mostly radio. In the mid 00s we both took some time out to run KUDO 1080 in Anchorage, a "progressive talk" radio station.  Before working abroad that I worked for thirteen years as Manager of Raven Radio KCAW in Sitka, Alaska.  Originally I'm a Jersey City boy. Currently Suzi and I live in Belgrade, Serbia and manage the Serbian Media Assistance Program for IREX, the International Research and Exchanges Board.